Company mission:
Geared for a Better Future
  Company goal:
To create a first-class corporate in the world
  Company Spirit:
Climbing up the summit step by step, striving after the perfection bit by bit
  Company ethic:
Being responsible for customer and society means being responsible for ourselves
  Company Style:
Definite duty and least mistake
  Core concept:
International technology, worldwide service
  Value Concept:
"NGC" indicates technology, quality, Service and friends
  Management policy: 
Coordination, practice, exploitation, and innovation
  Quality policy:
Quality first, users' utmost, leading the market and pursuing the perfect.
  Quality promise:
Faith as a base to ensure the quality, good service to satisfy the customers
  Thought way:
The company is my home, "I am glorious by home flourish and shame by home decline"
  Behavior moral principle:
To love job and respect work, being diligent and harmonious
  Psychic expectation and belief:
China High Speed transmission Equipment Group   Co., Ltd. will become a first-class
enterprise in the world certainly, and "NGC" will be an international famous brand
  Cooperate color:
Blue, which is typical of harmonious development