The company owns world top machining and testing equipment, such as: HOFLER 6M CNC grinder (globally biggest), HOFLER grinder group, LIBERHEIR hobbing machine, REFORM vertical grinder, Klingelnberg bevel gear machining center (domestically biggest), DMG 6-axis machining center, PAMA machining center, large CNC horizontal lathe, large CNC deep hole drilling & boring machine, large floor type boring & milling machine鈥

Hobbing Equipment


5m Vertical Hobbing Machine, Schiess, Germany
1.8mHhorizontal Hobbing Machine (largest in china), Schiess, Germany
LC2000 High Efficiency Hobbing Machine (max. dia. 2m), Liebherr, Germany
2m High Efficiency Hobbing Machine Gleason-Pfauter, Germany

Bevel Gear Processing Equipment

Bevel Gear Processing Machines from Germany
DMU210P Six Axes Five Linkages Machining Center,DMG, Germany (max. dia. 2m)
C100U CNC Bevel Gear Cutter, Klingelnberg, Germany
AMK855 Bevel Gear Cutter, Klingelnberg, Germany

Heat Treatment Equipment

4m Carburizing Furnace, Aichelin, Austria
2m & 1.6m Carburizing Furnaces
Multi-function Heat Treatment system
2.8m Carburizing furnace, Aichelin, Austria (Gears being lifted out of furnace)